for 2stroke engine

Mist Level Indication

MD-SX can connect 16 Sensors at the maximum. Mist Level Detected by each Sensor is evaluated inside the Controller, and is displayed with 16 stages. It takes less than a second to indicate Mist Level by Controller..

Alarm Monitoring

In order to operate your Diesel Engine safely, OIL MIST DETECTOR MD-SX is absolutely necessary. It has Pre Alarm and High Alarm and the information can be monitored by remote through serial communication standard of RS-485

Class Approval

OIL MIST DETECTOR MD-SX has been approved by the following Classification Societies.

  • NK
  • LR
  • NV
  • GL
  • BV
  • ABS
  • KR
  • CR
  • CCS
  • CE Marking