With this high technology sensor, we are able to provide various merits not realized by old oil mist detectors.


Transmission type was conventionally used for the detection procedure of oil mist density. The oil mist was sent to the measuring device through the suction pipe measured in a phototube. The method is to convert the light volume interrupted by oil mist into the density level when the light irradiated from LED light to a photo acceptance unit. By transmission type, if the distance between LED and a photo acceptance unit is short, it will be difficult to measure exact oil mist density.

MD-SX sensor is a reflection type. An LED and a photo acceptance unit are installed in the same position, and the photo acceptance unit measures the light from LED reflected in oil mist particles. If oil mist density becomes high, the amount of light received will increase, due to the light which is not reflected and the particle with larger diameter.

By adopting the reflective type, MD-SX was a very compact design compared with conventional oil mist detectors. As a result, oil mist density can be directly measured from the crank case, and the reliability of data is improved.

Increasing maintainability

With conventional types, the fan or pump for air intake might have broken down from time to time. Since MD-SX sensor measures oil mist density directly from the crank case and the measurement data is only transmitted to controller through cable, the fan, pump and suction pipe are no longer required.

Increasing availability

MD-SX sensor is smaller in size and weight, so it does not carry a driven section. It is confirmed that it has the durability of 4G with a frequency from 2 Hz to 2 kHz.