New Compact/Explosion-proof Oil Mist Sensors

Compact Vibration-resistant / Durable Easy to use

Since Daihatsu Diesel released the MD-SX sensor-type 
oil mist detector in 2004, it has sold more than 70,000 units.

We now proudly announce the releases of a new minimum-size oil mist sensor, the MD-SX-C, 
and an explosion-proof oil mist sensor, the MD-SX-EX.

  1. Full compatibility with current MD-SX sensors.
  2. Increased resistance to vibration, static electricity and noise improves stability of density detection level.
  3. Compact, cylindrically shaped unit has a mounting radius (approx. 30 mm) of less than half of that of a conventional product.
  4. A lineup of explosion-proof models to meet the ship classification requirements for DF engines and gas engines.

Type approval     Main body: [EX iC GC] IIA,   Sensor: EX iC IIA T1 GC,   ATEX category: 3,   Hazardous location: Zone 2

Compact Design

The compact unit size, small installation area and cylindrical shape facilitate the installation in a small space.

Standard type

Explosion-proof type

Main Specifications

 Model  MD-SX-C / MD-SX-EX

Oil mist concentration detection

Mist level signal conversion output

 Detection point 1 point / 1 unit
 Mist detection Natural diffusion system
 Detection concentration 0 ~ 2.0 mg/L
 Detection system Optical dispersion system
 Detection interval Continuous


POWER (Green): Power status (Lightning)

ALARM (Red): Pre alarm (Blinking), High alarm (Lightning)

FAILURE (Yellow): Comm. and Sensor failure (Blinking)

 Power supply 24 V DC (+30% ~ –25%) (Supply from controller)
 Power consumption 60 mA (max.) / 1 unit
 Protection class IP 55
 Weight Approx. 400 g
 Paint color Mussel N1.0 (Black) (Case part)